The NEW Concentrate Mailer /
La Mer

The NEW Concentrate Mailer / La Mer

The NEW Concentrate Mailer / La Mer

This was a creative mailer sent out to influencers celebrating the launch of La Mer's new Concentrate formula with lime-tea extract. Speaking to the Concentrate's protective qualities and antioxidants for skin, the idea came as the beholder's very own skin-survival kit. The gift comes with a branded mini thermos speaking to the protective antioxidants the Concentrate provides as well as promoting hydration, and unique cooling patches to depuff under-eye circles or inflamed areas of the face. All of this, plus the full-size Concentrate are packed in a beautiful keepsake tin.

The featured influencer video above is by Frost Yaw (IG @yawfrost)
*Photo credits in order from left to right: @iman.m.o.y (first 2), @martaortizp, @yanabaharudin
Gallery thumbnail photo credit to @yanabaharudin, Project thumbnail photo credit to @yoshiko_izumi


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